Consensus AI: Features, Use Cases, Pricing & Limitation

As a researcher, you are well aware of the struggle you have to make while writing the research papers. It took hours of finding appropriate research papers, read them, and filtering out valuable and concise stuff.

But it is no longer the same case in this modern world of AI. Here in this article, we will discuss an educational tool (Consensus AI) specially built to reduce researchers’ effort and save their time.  

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What is consensus AI?

Ai Consensus is a modern AI search engine that extracts scientific research papers for you in seconds. Finding research papers for your thesis and work is very time-consuming and effort demanding work to do and it takes hours but using this AI tool turns into seconds.



1. Quick analysis

This AI tool provides quick and fast analysis of research papers and you don’t have to read out the whole text, long research papers, and making notes.

2. Authentic researches

It provides the most authentic and scientifically proven research as it uses an AI algorithm to recheck the information through various online sources.

 3. Summary

Consensus uses chat gpt 4 to generate the summary of the whole research papers which include all the important and valuable points. It generates a summary for effort saving and providing maximum value to the reader.

4. Consensus meter

It also features a consensus meter which provides the insights of yes and no questions in percentage. It provides real-time calculations of how much divergence is found in people’s opinions.

5. Answer question

You can also ask any question and it will provide you with related answers using ai search results and analyzing multiple research papers through multiple sources.

How to use

Go to their official website, simply create your account using the signup method, and then login to your account. It has user user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface.

Use cases

  • Students can use this AI tool to get research papers for their thesis and assignments.
  • Researchers can use this tool to find research papers on every topic in seconds.
  • Content creators can use this to find authentic information and topics.
  • Health workers like doctors can use it to find the validity of certain medicines and exercises.
  • Patients can use it to get experts’ views read out.


Free (you don’t need to pay anything to access this amazing AI tool)


Although Consensus is a wonderful tool for scientific research still it has some limitations. It doesn’t include the latest research articles because it takes some time to index.


AI Consensus is an AI search engine that provides scientific research papers in seconds. It has a lot of amazing features and benefits that make this educational tool stand out among all other AI tools and it is completely free too.

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