Eduaide ai: Free AI assistant for teachers

AI has made significant progress in the field of education and it has completely changed the complexion of how students learn and teacher taught. The latest yet most effective development of ai in education is the development of AI teaching assistant Eduaide ai. Here in this article we will discuss what this educational tool is, its features, use cases and its pricing.

What is Eduaide.Ai? is an educational AI tool that is specially developed for teachers and it assists professors in reducing their effort and saving their time without compromising on quality. It is a teaching assistant that has many amazing features and benefits.



Here are the best features of Eduaide,

1. Lesson planner

This AI tool can create tailored customized lesson plans not only for the entire class but for students individually. Its AI lesson plans help teachers generate lesson plans according to the syllabus, student performance, and available time.

2. Learning resources

Eduaide-ai not only provides teachers with the lesson planner feature but it also has to learn resources to help them out. It can generate quizzes, worksheets, and tests for learning.

3. Assessment helper

Assessment helper features help teachers track students’ progress and craft assessments like MCQs, short answers, and quizzes which saves a lot of time.

4. Feedback generator

Giving feedback individually to every student’s assignments is not an easy job and it takes a lot of effort and time. So this AI educational tool has some better tools for this problem too. The feedback generator can generate detailed feedback individually for every student pointing out its mistakes, adding appreciation remarks and some suggestions.

5. Fun learning activities

Humans learn more when they learn interestingly so this AI assistant helps teachers generate engaging study activities that are not only entertaining but also educational.

Use cases

  • Free AI for teachers: It is the best assistant AI tool to assist teachers and works very well. Mostly it performs at its best at higher levels of education from K-12 to graduation level studies.
  • For students: For students, it is like their favorite teacher which helps them learn with fun.  

Eduaide ai price

Eduaide ai prices

It is a completely free tool and it doesn’t cost a penny. All the teachers can access it for free by doing a simple login process. Here are the simple steps to follow,

  • Ø  Go to their official website.
  • Ø Sign up and complete some simple steps.
  • Ø  Set your password and Gmail.
  • Ø  Enter your password and Gmail to log in to your account.


Eduaide is an assistant for teachers who helps them craft lesson plans, provide feedback, and generate educational material for students. It is specially generated for teachers to help them save their efforts and time.


How much does cost?

It is a completely free tool and it doesn’t cost a penny.

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