What is the best homework helper app?

Since AI has taken over the educational field are lot of AI educational tools have been developed. It is very difficult to find the best tool for helping you with your homework. Here in this article, we will briefly describe to you what is the best homework helper app. And how you can download and use it for free.

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The best homework helper app

Homeworkify is the best homework helper app that provides instant question-answer sessions to users for free. It has a lot of beneficial features for students. HomeWorkify has special built ai tools for every major subject. It covers almost every subject, contains a huge amount of study material, contains data for special exam preparation, and has the simplest and easiest of the interface among all the other educational apps.


Homeworkify app has an easy-to-understand and very simple interface.

Math AI

Homeworkify features a math feature for getting step-by-step math query answers instantly. This tool provides the best mathematical explanations and answers whether you want a step-by-step guide or a direct solution to your mathematical problem.

English AI

English AI is specially built for English language learning and getting English literature-related answers to your queries.

Social studies AI

This AI-built tool is very beneficial for those students who have a keen interest in history and current affairs. It provides historical background of topics and current information regarding this.

Friendly AI

Friendly AI is like your study buddy who provides you with entertainment, discussion, and suggestions. It is your study friend and you can discuss your academic problems, and mental health issues, play games, and share your emotions.


Homeworkify is completely a free AI tool and app. You don’t need to pay a single penny to get your help with homework. It is a nonprofit educational organization.

How to Install Homeworkify app?

Unfortunately, the Homeworkify app is still not available to download on Google Play Store or Apple Play Store but still there are many ways you can use it.

  • You can directly access their official website Homeworkify.net on your mobile browser and get your answers.
  • You can also search for the Homeworkify app on Google and get the app from App Brain. Com.


If you are looking for the best homework helper app then Homeworkify is the place for you to go. Because it provides instant answers to your questions and that too for free. It has special built-in tools for every major subject which provides you assistance regarding your homework. You can download it from Google or use their website directly.

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