Homeworkify.eu review 2024: Get step by step homework solution

Homeworkify is the best homework app and it provides you not only the answers to your queries but also Unblur Chegg and Course Hero answers. It has a wide range of features and millions of users. It has many variants on the basics of regions and functionality. But here we will be discussing the best variant of Homeworkify which is Homeworkify.eu.

This article will give you a complete overview of Homeworkify. eu, its features, pricing, sign-up method, fixes, pros, cons, and alternatives.


It is the Homeworkify subdomain that provides a range of features and benefits to the students. It provides a clear understanding of the query through step by step guide. This is very useful for a deep understanding of the problem. doesn’t only provide you with step-by-step solutions but also provides you with test material and essay writing facilities.

This variant mainly focuses on European users but it is not restricted only to Europe and has users all across the world.


It has the integration of two languages and users can ask their queries in these two given languages which makes its use wider.

  • English
  • Spanish


Homeworkify.eu has two main pricing plans for its users,

1. Free Basic plan

The basic plan is completely free for all users and it provides free services. The basic plan provides you with limited access.

  • It provides videos on limited topics.
  • You get community-guided answers, not experts’ answers.
  • You have to cross through many ads while using it.
  • Limited practice tests and quizzes are available.

2. Paid Premium Plan

Homeworkify.eu paid plan costs you $9.99 per month which gives you full access to their services and you can get unlimited access to all of their resources. They provide you with experts’ answers, add free usage, all topic videos, and unlimited practice tests and quizzes.

How to use Homeworkify eu?

Using this educational site is yet very simple and easy. It has a user-friendly interface for easy understanding of the students. Here is the step-by-step procedure,

  • 1. Search your question on Google or Chegg.
  • 2. Copy the URL of the question you want the answer.
  • 3. Or manually write the question in the search bar.
  • 4. Click the search button and you will get your problem’s step-by-step answer.


User-friendly interface: It has a very user-friendly and easy-to-understand interface which helps newer users to use it very easily and confidently.

Unblur Answers: The amazing feature of Unblur Answers is useful as You can get Chegg and course hero answers Unblur for free.

Step-to-step guide solution: It provides you with a deep understanding of the problems by providing step-by-step guide solutions to complex problems.

Access to multiple subjects: It has multiple subject options like business, math, science, and other subjects.

Writing essays: This feature of essay writing provides valuable content for essay writing. 

Test material: Homeworkify eu also has test material available for you to prepare best for exams.

Real-time instant reply: It provides you with instant and real-time answers to your queries.

Use cases

  • Students can get step-by-step solutions to their queries.
  • Students can also use it for learning new concepts and clearing previous steps.
  • Language learners can also learn languages through it.
  • It can also be used for unlocking document links.
  • It also can Unblur hidden answers of Chegg.

Is Homeworkify.eu safe?

Homeworkify eu(Is homeworkify.eu safe and legit) is WOT trusted website and it has a trusted score of 68% which is based on community experts’ reviews. The website has a secure HTTPS connection, and it does not appear to have any malware or viruses. However, it is always important to be cautious when using any website and you should never share your personal information with anyone you do not know and trust.

Is Homeworkify. eu legit?

Homeworkify is rated 4.9 stars with more than 250+ reviews. These are very satisfying reviews that provide a clear answer to our question.


1. It provides Use user-friendly interface.

2. You can use it for free.

3. Answer your questions in real-time.

4. Can Unblur Chegg and course hero questions.

5. Gives you test preparation and quiz facility.

6. Can write essays.


1. Many users complain about their high pricing.

2. Some of the times it doesn’t provide accurate answers.

3. They also lack in customer service.

Top 5 Homeworkify.eu alternatives

These are some similar websites like Homeworkify.eu and you can use them as alternatives,


Course hero



Quizz plus


Homeworkify.eu is one of the best homework apps and you can access it by visiting their official website. It provides you with extensive, step-by-step solutions to your problem. It teaches you in in-depth understanding of the problem. Workify has many useful features like showing hidden content and you can use it easily simply by pasting the question URL and clicking on the search button. Moreover, you can also explore its other benefits by yourself reading its use cases.  You can also read out its best alternatives in 2024.


Why is Homeworkify.eu not working?

If you’re facing the same problem then it might be due to their server being down or you are connected to weak internet service.

Is homeworkify.eu down Reddit?

As of today’s date, it is not down and working right but you can check their server status.

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