Homeworkify English AI: Get your English homework done instantly

Homeworkify is an educational website that provides a lot of benefits to students. It is the best homework helper for students and provides instant solutions to problems. It has a variety of tools available which helps students to benefit from them and get their homework and learning done. Here in this article, we will be discussing one of its tools which is developed to make English learning more productive and easy for students called “English AI”.

English AI

Homeworkify has a lot of different tools to help students in different subjects. For each subject, they have dedicated tools trained on a vast database regarding that subject. English AI is also one of them. It makes English learning more productive, easy, and interesting for students. It can do various tasks like writing essays, and poems, doing summaries and explanations, and helping students to strengthen their language learning.


Homeworkify English ai has a user-friendly interface and even nontechnical users can easily access it and use it just by logging in to their account. Here are some of the features of English ai,

Instant answering

This AI tool provides instant answers to any English query, for example, English literature history, meanings, or any other query.

Language learning

Homeworkify makes language learning an easy, interesting, and fast task for its users. It provides the best services for language learning.


You can also explain complex English ideas and understand them clearly and understandably using this tool as it provides handy explanations of English topics.


If you’re tired of reading long passages then you can simply ask English to provide the summaries of long passages so that you can save your time and effort for something more productive task.

Poem and essay writing

It also has an amazing feature of Writing academic essays, interesting poems, and songs for you.


English AI is a very amazing tool of https://homeworkify.bio/ which is especially developed to help students in English learning. This tool helps students summarize topics, explain topics, instant answers, language learning, and write essays and poetry.

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