Ttu blackboard review 2024: features, login, fixes & how to use

As a student of university have to ever think about being part of one of the biggest virtual educational platforms where you can connect with your study peers, submit assignments, prepare for exams, and seek guidance from your subject matter experts.

Would you believe Tech Taxes University has made this happen through their Ttu blackboard? Here in this article, we will discuss everything about Blackboard ttu, its login, features, benefits, etc.

Ttu blackboard

Blackboard ttu is an online educational platform for Tech Taxes University which provides educational courses to their students. Moreover, here students can connect with their fellows ask questions, and make a community.

This educational site also provides the facility for submitting assignments and study material for preparing for exams. It also has a grades tracking system to track your grades. You can also seek guides to professors using this site. It provides a facility of customized education.

It has an easy-to-understand and user-friendly interface and you can easily use it even if you’re a nontechnical user. The facility of live online classes with physical students is also available.

Ttu was introduced in pandemic times for inline studies. As we all know now the trend of online studies has increased a lot of students prefer doing studies lying on their beds so this website is a comfort zone for them.

Ttu blackboard login procedure

  • When students are admitted to TTU they all are assigned with eRaider ID and password.
  • You just have to go to the official website.
  • Then you have to click on the blackboard ttu button to navigate to the login page.
  • Now here you just have to put your eRaider ID and password as username and password to log in.
  • After clicking on login now you can access all of its beneficial features easily.

Features and Benefits

1. Live classes

This site provides you facility of joining live classes with physical students. You can join and study your classes online with physical students while being in your home or anywhere.

2. Educational content

You can access multiple educational resources like notes, guides, and video lectures. Students can search and find video lectures on all the topics of their study content.

3. Grading system

LMS also helps you calculate your GPAs and grades in all subjects.

4. Assignment submission

Students can submit their class assignments online and professors can give their feedback and grades on it directly.

5. Communication tools

Students can use an announcement tool for communicating with other students and sharing updates regarding the course. It also provides a discussion board tool through which students can collaborate with fellow students and have discussions on different topics.

How to use blackboard ttu effectively

Once you log in to your ttu Blackboard account then follow these steps to make sure the best use of this educational website,

The first step is to get familiar with the interface locate all the features of it and make navigating benefits easy for you.

Secondly, as you have chosen your course now it’s time to organize it. You have to organize all the course data clearly with folder names, file descriptions, etc so easy to use.

Thirdly there is also a section of announcements where any updates regarding your studies, courses, etc are shared. You can post any if you have but don’t try to overwhelm things for your fellows. We suggest you keep yourself aware of every update.

You should also use their calendar tool to schedule your timetable and set reminders.

Lastly, you have a discussion board where you can interact with your study peers to clear your concepts, and confusions and learn things so don’t forget to use this tool. Try to make full use of it.

Some common technical problems and their fixes

If you’re facing difficulty accessing and using your account then follow these probable fixes for your respective error,

  • Login issues: If you’re unable to log in to ttu then recheck your username and input the correct id and password and try again.
  • Forget password: if you have forgotten your password then click on forget password and follow the procedure. You can also change your password by entering your previous password and username.
  • Browser issue: Clear the cache and clear your browser data or change your browser to get access to Blackboard ttu.
  • Assignment submission problem: While submitting an assignment if you are having difficulty then read and follow their instruction and change the format and size of the file.


Ttu Blackboard is an educational tool that is the same as a virtual classroom for students of Tech Texas University. It provides many benefits and best features. It is not just a tool; it is like your way to getting a better education.

Blackboard ttu facilitates students with many communication tools through which they can interact with students and teachers, grading tools for checking results, calendar tools for managing your time, and resources tools for getting full benefit from educational material through notes, videos, etc. You can log in to it by using your identity given by ttu.


How do I email Texas Tech Blackboard?

You can email me at or can also call 806-742-5933.

How do I drop a class at TTU?

1. Log in to Raiderlink and go to MyTech.

2. Click “Registration” and “Add or Drop Classes.”

3. Find the class you want to drop and click the “Action” tab.

4. Choose “Drop – Delete on Web” and confirm by clicking “Submit.”

How do I find my classes at TTU?

1. Head to Raiderlink: Log in to the Texas Tech University online portal.

    2. Click “eLearning”: Find the “eLearning” tab and select it.

    3. Browse for your course: Look through the listed courses to find the one you’re enrolled in.

    4. Stuck? Get help: If you need assistance finding your course or have any other questions, reach out to IT Help Central at 742-HELP (4357).

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