Maths Genie, Features, Pricing, and Benefits for Students

Math is one subject that is considered one of the most difficult subjects for students because it requires a clear concept of numbers and formulas to get over this subject. Many students feel weak in math, so we are here to help them with this website. After using this site preparation for math exams will not be a big deal for you.  Here in this article, we will discuss the best math-solving website Maths Genie, its features, pricing, and benefits for students.

What is maths genie?

Math Genie is a math-solving website that not only provides the solution of spontaneous math problems but in addition, also provides many other features. It has many resources in the form of notes, videos, and presentations. It also has a collection of past papers to prepare for exams and a set of predicted papers featuring important questions it. It is an all-in-one platform for someone who wants to prepare for math exams.


Maths Genie has many resources available for its users it has revision, past papers, predicted papers, mini-tests for following classes,

  • GSCS
  • A levels
  • SATs
  • KS2
  • KS3

It also has much other study material available for math classes like video lectures, notes, worksheets, guides, mock tests, predicted question lists, and important exam questions.

1. Revision

Math genie revision has three main sections,

GCSC revision: The GCSC revision section has all the math topics covered from basic to advanced. It has all the math questions and their solution from grade 1 to grade 9. It has solutions booklets for all the basic topics according to the textbook and your syllabus.

A level (Edexcel) revision: Math Genie also has A level revision section which features all the topics covered with questions and answers for A-level exam preparations. It has mathematics, pure A-level mathematics, statistics, and mechanics covered in the form of videos and step-by-step solutions.

KS2 SATs revision: This section has all the topics of KS2 and SATs covered with solutions and questions in the form of videos and notes. It has measures, ratios, proportions, algebra, and all other topics of related courses covered.

2. Past papers

Mathsgenie has GCSC past papers and A levels past papers, pairing schemes, and other papers data available. You can easily download all these past papers and get your preparation done for exams. One of the most amazing things about past papers is that you can download them for free and then read and prepare them offline. It has a bundle of past papers available for free.

3. Predicted papers

This website also features predicted papers for math students. These predicted papers are practice exams designed to replicate the format and style of actual GCSE and A-level maths exams. They are not released by the official exam boards but rather created by experienced Maths Genie tutors based on their knowledge of the syllabus, past papers, and any advanced information provided by the exam boards.

4. Scheme of learning

The scheme of learning by maths genie is a structural program made for the guidelines of the students. It offers a clear path for both Foundation and Higher tiers, making it a valuable resource for self-study or alongside classroom learning.

  • Stages: It’s divided into 14 stages, each focusing on specific topics and progressing in difficulty.
  • Assessments: Each stage concludes with an assessment to gauge understanding and solidify concepts before moving on.
  • Content Coverage: Covers all topics from the GCSE Maths syllabus, including numbers, algebra, geometry, statistics, and probability.
  • Flexibility: Allows students to work at their own pace and revisit topics as needed.
  • Foundation & Higher: Offers separate tracks for both Foundation and Higher tiers, catering to different learning needs.
  • Resources: Links to relevant video tutorials, practice questions, and exam-style questions accompany each stage.

How to use math genie?

It is very easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. You just have to go to their official website You will see a described interface with revision, past papers, resources, and a math solution search bar.

You can search for your math problem directly and get a solution moreover if you want to learn about any specific topic then select your class and go to a specific topic. You will have video lectures, and notes available for your topic.

And if you want to download past papers just click on the past papers section and download one you need.

You can also click on the scheme of learning to get familiar with GSCS and A-level content.


Maths Genie is free and students can easily access it free of cost.


Maths genie is all in one math solver website that has a lot of study data in the form of videos, notes, guides, and past papers. It has CGSC past papers, A-level past papers, and SATs past papers. This website not only helps you prepare for the exams by providing past paper data but also has predicted papers for preparation according to the new syllabus or advanced research. Math Genie also has a scheme of learning and it is totally cost of free for all the students in the world. Moreover, you can also ask spontaneous math questions from it too.


Is Math Genie good?

It is one the best mathematics websites for solving math problems for free all across the world. It has past papers, predicted papers, revisions, and a scheme of learning for CGSC, A-level, and SATs.

Is maths genie reliable?

Yes, it is completely reliable and safe to use as it helps you learn with the best study material.

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