Education copilot AI login, features, pricing, reviews & fixing errors

AI has revolutionized the way students study and teachers teach. Now there are some amazing tools and features that help students study well and reduce teachers’ workload. Here in this article, we will be discussing one of the tools. The name of this educational AI tool is education copilot and here we will discuss its features, pricing, review, and some fixes of its errors.

Education copilot AI

Copilot education AI tool is an educational tool that specifically generates lesson plans, student reports, lesson outlines, and educational handouts. It helps students in writing, learning, and in prompts. This AI tool responds in seconds and reduces teacher workload to a minimum and student learning to a maximum.

How to use Copilot education

1. Go to their official website

2. Make an account and log in to your account

3. Select your output type

4. Give the subject name, topic name, and class

5. Your content is instantly ready and you can customize it too.  

Features and Benefits

Lesson Planning Made Easy: Effortlessly craft lesson plans for any subject or grade level with pre-built templates, drag-and-drop activities, and standards alignment tools. Save time and ensure engaging learning experiences.

Writing Prompts & Essay Outlines: Spark creativity and guide students through the writing process with diverse prompts covering various genres and learning objectives. Utilize structured outlines to help them organize their thoughts and write impactful essays.

Customizable Handouts: Create informative and visually appealing handouts tailored to specific topics. Embed images, videos, and interactive elements to keep students engaged and reinforce key concepts.

Student Insights & Progress Tracking: Gain valuable insights into individual student performance with detailed reports and progress-tracking tools. Identify areas for improvement and personalize learning paths for each student.

Engaging Projects & Rubrics: Motivate students with well-defined project outlines and clear rubrics. Set expectations, guide collaboration, and assess project success against predefined criteria.

Creative Bulletin Boards & Displays: Design captivating bulletin boards and display materials that grab attention and reinforce learning. Utilize templates, images, and text to showcase student work, celebrate achievements, and create a dynamic classroom environment.

Prepared Substitute Teacher Plans: Ensure seamless transitions even in your absence. Create detailed substitute teacher plans with clear instructions, engaging activities, and all necessary materials, leaving your classroom functioning smoothly.

Case uses

1. Education copilot for teachers

For teachers, it helps create study lessons, outlines, quizzes, and tests. Copilot saves a lot of time and reduces teacher workload.

2. for students

For students, it helps them learn, write, and learn the English language.


Education copilot has a free trial available and you can use it for free for 30 days. After you have finished with the free trial you have to buy their plans to proceed.

  • Monthly subscription costs $9.99
  • Yearly subscription costs $99.99


Copilot ai has excellent reviews about its working. Many users using this tool are providing highly positive reviews and appreciating this tool. This AI tool works very accurately, quickly, and efficiently. Many teachers have already started using this tool.

However, there are some issues with their subscription plan. Some of the customers are complaining that they have paid subscription fees they are still unable to use and they are calling this tool a scam.

How to fix the education copilot not working error?

If you’re facing any problem regarding copilot education you can connect with their support team via their mail at or Phone: 559-341-5150.


 Education copilot is an AI tool that can generate lesson plans, lesson outlines, quizzes, tests, and educational material for teachers and students. This AI tool is worth using as it reduces effort, boosts students’ productivity, and saves time.


Can you use Education Copilot for free?

Yes they offer a 30-day free plan and users can use it for free but they have to buy their subscription plan of worth $9.99.

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